New York ATM Fees

Hi Guy’s,
Does anyone know if there are any ATM’s in New York that don’t charge withdrawal fees when using your Revolut card. I’ve read that Wells Fargo ATM’s don’t charge fees but not sure if this is still the case!
Will use the card as much as possible for paying for restaurants etc, but will probably need a good bit of cash also.
Sorry if this topic has been covered before (I’ve read a few 2017 threads but didn’t get a definitive answer).

What would you need cash for in the US? I have been living 100% cashlessly in the UK for over 3 years, and I believe that the same is possible in the US.

It is.almost possible. There are still many small shops that does not take cards or have a minimum limit like 10usd. Places like kiosk or small coffee places.

Went to Defcon last week they only accept 300 dollars cash as they are tired of having court orders for attendees names! At first tried an ATM in a supermarket which wanted a 5 dollar fee, then tried a Chase Bank which was 3 dollars so I gave in and paid. I did see Wells Fargo but always thought of them as a bit shady so avoided.

Also the Americans are tip-crazy and get aggressive if you don’t give them any. How else but cash can you give some guy a few dollars for carrying your bags or whatever.

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Saying “Sorry, I stopped using cash X years ago” is a great way to excuse oneself from the absurd US tipping culture. One can also ask “Do you accept Apple Pay?” or similar in order to give the impression of willingness to give a tip and to demonstrate that their non-receipt of a tip is caused by their failure to modernise.

I thoroughly detest the US tipping culture, whereby consumers are expected to remedy employers’ failure to remunerate their staff properly. Consumers who tip condone employers’ shortfall in wages.


While I get your point, I still approach it in a slightly old-fashioned manner. Electronic payments are convenient, no doubt, but you also give up even more control.

Couldnt agree more.

Well, it is a sort of socially accepted peer pressure.


A lot of bars don’t take cash and yes tipping is definitely an issue also. Thanks

Bank of America used to be free in NY downtown, but it seems like all big banks have agreed on a 3 USD fee now for NY. You might be able to find free ATMs outside of the main city centers, though.

Totally agree on the ludicrous tipping culture in the US. Recently returned from Miami and, like the thread starter, while I used my Revolut card to pay for stuff, I also needed to withdraw cash for some tips (and like another poster in the thread, I’m also used to living cashless in Europe).

Never found any ATMs there which didn’t charge a fee (whether in hotels, restaurants, shops, or the banks themselves) for withdrawals from Revolut.

There were a couple of restaurants however which had the tip added to the bill which was helpful, but South Beach is obviously a tourist hotspot so they’ve probably been forced to do this (and probably hope that no one notices and pays a cash tip on top!).

On top of the tips, the various taxes that are added to everything are yet another annoyance, and add up to everything being far more expensive than you’d initially thought.

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I am a Revolut UK account holder, just being back from New York, and all ATM machines charge you a fee for withdrawing cash. I went to a couple of “no fee” cash machines which are showing on the ATM map on the Revolut App, but they still asked me for a charge, from 3.6 to 2.6 USD, I gave up and cancelled the transactions. Accidentally, I saw a sign showing “99c ATM fee” outside a couple of small shops, not a bank, and I tried to withdraw max 200USD in one go, but it did ask me to charge ONLY 99 cents. I guess if you are a foreign Revolut account holder, it still asks for a fee even if you are in Revolut joined ATM network.