New Year's resolution vs. New Year's reality 🤡

Hello there, Revolut Community! :rocket:

Remember those grand New Year’s resolutions we made back in January? Promising to hit the gym, become a financial genius, and conquer the world — one day at a time?

Well, here’s a little update on how some of our resolutions are actually going as we approach the end of the year… :sweat_smile:

Resolution 1: get fit and healthy :muscle:
Reality 1: still trying to find the TV remote :tv:

We started off strong, envisioning ourselves as fitness gurus. But hey, lifting pizza slices counts as an arm workout, right?

Resolution 2: learn a new language :earth_americas:
Reality 2: no new languages, just fluent in emojis :upside_down_face:

So, we’re fluent in a language only our smartphone understands. That’s still progress — right?

In all seriousness, life happens. Sometimes that means our realities end up looking a little different to our resolutions.

Remember, it’s the effort that counts. Living life and laughing along the way is the best way to stay sane. Who’s with us?

Share your hilarious New Year’s resolution vs. New Year’s reality moments in the thread below. :tada:

SG | Community Team