new virtual card 5£

Hi Fernando, This is intended for our new feature “spare cards” where you can have more than 1 active card. Replacing you existing virtual card will still be “free” and replacing your physical card will be £5 (we actually lowered it from £6) but ordering an extra spare “virtual” card will incur a £5 cost (and additional £5 for physical card)

@alan how does this new feature work?

previously we could already block a card, request a new one, and then re-add the old one, keeping the new one as a spare

Hi Fernando, the difference is, previously the spare card is not active, the new one will be.

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It’s not officially released yet Fernando so you have a good scoop here :wink: Keep your eye on the store for updates in the next couple of days. You will be able to have 2 physical and 5 virtual cards active on your account at once


@edward 5 ? wow, madness :slight_smile:

and really good to see more @revolut support folks here … poor @anon33247966 must be tired of being a one man show :wink:

great work all


My friend still sees the 6€ fee to order his first physical card. Shall he proceed and ignore this or will you correct the bug anytime soon?

We’ve recently changed it and there’s a 5£ or equivalent for the card delivery.

So basically every friend which will subscribe to Revolut will have to pay 6€ to receive his/her first card, which used to be free. Correct?
This is very bad news. I won’t be able to refer you to as many friends as before… As said, people like to try the card before spending even the smallest amount for it.

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@caprotti according to new virtual card 5£ and new virtual card 5£
it should still be free.
for additional cards, you pay

Hi Caprotti, the trouble was we were seeing lots of users order their physical card, but then never use it. That was causing two problems: the first was the expense (it’s not just the delivery, its the card manufacturing cost too), and the second is that it meant that often people who really did want a card were not getting them as fast as they should, because valuable capacity was being taken up by people who were never going to use their card anyway.

If you multiply this problem a few thousand times a day (our current rate of sign ups) it quickly becomes quite big.

Pretty much as soon as you use your Revolut card, you will have already made this money back in savings, and having the charge means that people will only order the card when they actually want it, which will allow us to improve delivery times, and also offer savings and new features elsewhere as we aren’t having to print a card when someone doesn’t really want it.

Hopefully everybody wins here, and as always, we have some awesome new features coming your way soon :smiley:

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@Fernando, I think Caprotti was referring to the delivery cost of the card.


I totally understand your choice, which makes sense.

However, friends and people we refer Revolut to might not be that reasonable. What a pity.

As explained below by @edward, the card is “free” but the shipping costs are not. As a result, the card is not fully free anymore.

@edward i strongly disagree with this new policy.

How about you give some credit back to the user when he uses his physical card a couple of times, making the card delivery free?

so users that never use their card, pay for it, the ones that actually use it, end it up for free


@FernandoMiguel that’s a very interesting idea. We’ll raise it internally and see if we could make something along those lines work



Totally agree with @FernandoMiguel I’ll definitely use my card if I order it and it would be nice if it becomes free once I start using it. Isn’t it something to discuss with your team @edward and make it happen… soon? :wink:


Also the idea you expressed in the other topic could work. Free card with referral code.