New Vaults round up extra $/€/GBP when spending with no cents/pence

The new vaults feature “rounds up” an extra 1 currency when spending an exact amount with no cents. For example, if I buy something for exactly €10.00 I will also contribute €1 to my vault - surely this is a bug. There should be no rounding when spending with no cents/pence.

It’s not a bug, it is a feature :wink:

At least, that’s what Revolut says about it. They want you to save something with every card purchase.

Beginning to sound like Microsoft who officially banned the word “bug”. This is most definitely a bug.

Well, I remember a discussion about this on twitter where Revolut confirmed that they designed it this way.

Also, If you want to chime in with your opinion that you want to have it changed, you might want to follow this thread. There is already a discussion about this happening :wink: