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@anon33247966 can you please help! Trying to get my documents verified but have no response from support and I just need to know what’s happening

Hi @Max2208,
it might take a while for the support team to verify your details.
You could check with the facebook team or send a PM to Andreas, which has the same impact.
It won’t sort itself out within 10 seconds at 9:30 pm. Please allow some time.

I’m just worried as I’ve transferred a lot of money into the app and I’ve seen people say they’ve waiting weeks for verification. I’ve used the app once before and it never asked for any verification then :thinking:

well, if you have used the app just once and transferred a lot of money this will be under review.
It only asks for verification if you’re exceeding certain limits.

General Information and help can be found here: General Help

How and why this is done can be found here FAQ

Usually it does not take weeks, rather 12 hours. Unless your documents are having a poor quality or do not reveal enough information.
It will speed up if you send a nice message to Andreas with your phone number associated with your account.


Hi thank you,
I was just confused as I don’t really understand what went wrong!
Thanks for your help!
Slight technophobe so need all the assistance I can get!

Apologies for the long wait. I was out of the office.

I can see you have managed to verify your account! To order a physical card please go card section -> Physical card.

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No worries, happy to help you out.

As Andreas just said, everything should be good now.

Enjoy your :r: !


Hello @AndreasK

I have a problem with early access to cryprocurrency exchange.
I sent my invitation link to 3 friends and they joined using my link.
None of them appeared on the invite page of the Revolut app and cryprocurrencies section is still locked for me.

My invitation link is!crypto

I would DM you my account details but I can’t send DM.

edit: the message button appeared after I had mentioned you in my post.


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