New User Questions


I have been looking at your website for information about the Revolut CreditCard and mailed questions, but unfortunatly didn’t get an answer

To be clear :

  • I need only a Prepaid Virtual Card (in EUR), a physical card not being mandatory
  • Funding the account is via Banktransfer (MisterCash)

Questions I have :

  • Am I correct that Revolut is a Prepaid-card, so payments are always limited to the account balance ?
  • Sometimes I see Revolut Visa, sometimes Revolut MasterCard, is that a choice ?
  • What is the cost for an Account + 1 (or more) Card(s)
  • What are the costs for Webshop payments (EUR/non-EUR)
  • What are the costs if I want to send money to my Account / Card via Banktransfer (MisterCash)
  • How long does it take before money sent to my Card becomes available
  • What are the costs if a webshop refunds an earlier (EUR/non-EUR) purchase to my Card / Account
  • What are the costs for Withdrawing money (from Account towards bank-account)

I must say, it’s very difficult to have a real overview about the fees that are applicable

Don’t you have a one-sheet overview/comparison table with all costs / fees / a.s.o. for all transactions ( funding / webshop payment / a.s.o)


Hello @wquatan :slight_smile:

True. There are certain situations (tipping, adjusted transactions) that might make your balance below zero, but that’s highly unlikely.

You can get any of the two. It’s not a choice yet. It’s expected to be a choice soon :wink:

That’s all in the FAQ (explicitly):

None from my experience

None. Other banks might charge you for receiving the money. Also, other intermediary banks might charge you for non-EUR, non-SEPA transfers :wink:


Hi @Juliopp,

Thanks for the reply !

Any idea when this will be possible ? I need it to be a MasterCard.



Hey @wquatan :slight_smile:

No idea at all. Perhaps the support can have an influence on the decision if you ask them, but I’m not sure :confused: