New user. Bank details to fund revolt

Hi I have just signed up and want to find my revolt with a bank transfer to get my card. Where do I get the bank details to do the transfer and get my card?

Please go: more> profile> account data> [currency such you’re going to send]

For EUR you can have individual account.
For GBP you can have individual account but it works only for internal (GB) transfers.
The rest are pooled, to you have to provide your reference number.

If you have individual (consumer) card issued in EU, I suggest top up by card (not wire transfer).
It should be instant and for free.

Can you get account details to fund from revolt app? All I get are iban bank details on app . No UK acc or sc for me to transfer £10 from my bank to revolt?

In revolut you have only account details.
To send money you have to provide these data in your bank app.
You can add visible account tapping “add account”

GBP account (local) details:

Please see attachment. Local UK bank details are blocked by ******

As you can see how can I get the UK account number and sort code to do instant bank transfer of £10 to activate my revolut card?

Click the big pink button with the text “Activate Account”

When I click the link button it takes me to pay by card!!! Hence why I’m asking how to get bank details. See screenshots. !


As you can see no UK bank details for me to transfer £10 from my HSBC bank to REVolut to activate…can you just email me the UK account details for me to transfer too so I can activate my account. I don’t have a card only UK bank account with hsbc

When you click other methods and then click bank it brings you back to the first screenshot I left on the first post with bank details covered in ******.

It brings you back to below with no acc or sort code…

From this screen we are seeing that you aren’t verified…
Can you do this? (Verification)

I see. There’s a catch 22 situation. The verification screen asks to “verify via transfer”, but to activate the account for that said transfer, one needs to be verified first.

Was it always like this or is this a bug that was introduced with one of the latest updates?

@Hkghost do you have a UK bank card you could use for the initial top up necessary for verification instead of a bank transfer?

If not, I would contact support via in app chat.

“All I get are the iban bank details on app”

That is the info you want :slight_smile:

Sort Code = six numbers of IBAN (S’s)
Account Number = last eight numbers of IBAN (A’s)

And make sure to use the reference!!!