New update has deleted my account - Urgent


Today i got a message telling me Revolut can now work with bitcoin. i clicked on uodate and nothing happened, so i went to playstore and clicked on update there. Trouble is IT DID NOT UPDATE. it re-installed the app and I know have to enter my phone number. EXCEPT i cannot because my phone number is in Ca,bodia +855 and it will not let me enter that code, despite the fact i hva ebeen using it with Revolut for 2 years. So now I am in a foreign country and have no access to the $10,000 in my revolut account in various currencies. This is NOT acceptable. I cannot use in app support because I cannot get in to use it. Revolut do not give you any alternative way of getting support. If I do not get a response within 48 hours I will go to the ombudsman. How can a professional company release an update that overwrites and disable an existing account FFs and not provide any way of contacting support. -1000000 out of 10 for Revolut on this cockup


You should use chat in the app it can be reached by entering your phone number, app code and click that you do not receive sms code. Support will help you!


I cann9t get into the app to use support. It will n9t let me select +855 which us my country cide so I cannit get into the app to use suppory. Ypu obviously did not read my post properky


If your number, previously registered cannot be selected it is a bug, but I believe you register an account for another number, not +855 …
Try to calm down and enter the same number as the registered account.


Same problem here in Thailand. Updated app in playstore now no access. My sim doesn’t work here - what to do?


I’m suffering from a similar issue. I’m unable to access the account and phone support is only for a blocking a card. The chat option doesn’t work if you are unable to login.


Same here!! I didn’t even get a notification. I’m from the UK but in NZ and now have no access to money. The apps re-installed itself and wiped all my info. Iv had to re-enter my detail and use a NZ mobile number to get the activation code as UK number doesn’t work here. The app won’t let me link my current card? Keeps telling there is an issue and to try again later. I cannot access support through the app either as I need to wait till 6am UK time and I’m 13+ the UK in the NZ timezone


I am vetY calm considering revolut has just stolen$10,000 from me. I can assure you that this is the only number I have ever used with revolut. I have not had a different number on this phone since i bought it 2 years ago. I reset my account several times this year because of issues with in app support this year on this phone with this number, last time on august16th. I still have the activation codes from revolut in my messages. The bug is that Revolut have now made it impossible to enter the cambodian country code which was not a problem previously.


Ok as thete is no way to contact revolut without the app and we cannot get in i suggest we sll call the uk banking ombudman at 9am uk time and ask for their intervention. If enough phone they will have to do something. Tel number is 0300 123 9 123 or 0800 023 4567.


Sorry. The number for the financial ombudsman from outside uk is +44 20 7964 0500.


I have the same issue, but just lost 8 euros…
I can’t believe they released a new version of the app without minimal testing.