New T's & C's August - right of Termination of my Metal subscription


I did receive the email regarding the new T’s & C’s for August 2020. As conditions changed the email also states that I can terminate my Premium Account at no charge.

The email instructs to go to Profile > Parameters and to select “not happy with the new conditions”.

However I did look and could not find the wording “not happy with the new conditions”.

I asked “Live Agent” and have been waiting for 7 hours without a response yet (what’s the point of having a Premium account…)

How do I terminate my Premium account and go back to Standard?

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According to article ( "Now we are always with a backlog because a lot of people were fired,” the Porto-based customer support agent says. "

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Very sad story. But explains a lot… :frowning:

Answering my own question. An agent finally replied to me after 11 hours waiting despite my Premium account… yes the article explains a bit.

I had to click on all verification (“are you sure?” “continue”) to finally see the text. By the way the wording in French was slightly different to the wording in the email from Revolut.

Email wording: “Insatisfait des modifications apportées à mon plan”

App wording: “Les changements apportés à mon abonnement ne me conviennent pas”