New ToS: Free service is being degraded as we speak

I’ve go your mail!

So, Terms of Service is being changed. The most important things are like changing the color of the sidebar, feeding the official cat, and, possibly that you’re free to sing a song while paying. Thanksbye!

Oh, by the way, some minor changes also:

  • Blue card FX limits are significantly lowered. Of course you are not above the limit, well, not today morning at least, so you don’t have to worry about the 0.5% fee instead of zero! No worries! Only pay it, prompt.
  • Blue card of course uses interbank exchange rates! Well, on weekdays, but you know we have to make you pay a significant markup for weekends, since, well, it’s weekend. But no need to worry here! Since, well, you still have to pay markup, only pay, well, only the double, but again, no need to worry since almost nobody will be in the margin of… oh, sorry, that was the other leaflet. So, anyway, double fee, here you are.
  • You know that sending money is free! It has neven been easier before! It will be always free!! Except, you have to pay a bit more free, we mean, like, pay a lot for it, if you happen to pay more than once to someone outside your geo area. Consider this as Free v2.0! A better Free!™
  • But tranfers are, apart from that, free. And now they are even freer since you can pay more (fees) when you transfer money to a country different from their local currency. Like eight times more, to be precise. So you can send money to your friend and to Revolut, inc.!

I believe this is a really great way to make alternative services more popular! :slight_smile:


(Based on the R email - it seems that the ToS may differ from the email, which I can’t quite comment yet.)

It’s being discussed here:

I’m still trying to digest the new limits and conditions, very disappointed with R at the moment especially for the new FX threshold and the markup during the weekends but I guess nothing stops us from switching to other neobanks or upgrading to premium for those who still see a value there.

With the new limits, the gap between traditional banks and R is closing so let’s see…


More and more people had started to use Revolut just to speculate with FX and try to make some money with it. It is expected to see this limits now. When try to abuse one system, the system answer back.


For clients would be better to have 12k per year limit, not 1k per month.


People would burn their 12k limit in no time and complain that none of their FX is fee free.

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And hurt everybody…

I apologise in advance for any perceived stupidity. I just need to understand simple things, in order to know whether to keep using Revolut, or go back to my high street bank for holiday spending.

  1. I just want to know whether to continue to use Revolut to pay for things on holiday. Will this now cost me more?

  2. Whilst on holiday I’d like to convert money in my account from £ to for example €. Will this now cost me more?

The changes to terms and Conditions just leave me confused.

There’s a whole thread on the effects of the changes to the T&Cs and it might be prudent to read that thread rather than create another on the same basic subject matter…

Let me rephrase:
“We raise your fees because other people misuse our service.”

But it’s not even true: the free limits were pretty strict anyway, it was not good for large-scale speculation (I believe, but I’m not a fraudster by profession, so how would I know).

Also others have pointed out that talking about “slight change” when doubling the fees is highly controversial, to phrase it nicely.

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Graham answered this but let me tell you in a nutshell:

  • Paying by card does not change (much).
  • Getting cash is much more expensive (the limit is lower, fees are higher)
  • Converting money on weekdays unchanged provided you have used no more than half of your old limit; above that it costs infinitely more (eg. from zero to some percents)
  • Converting money on weekends costs double or more.
  • Sending money is same only if you send within your country, or within the EU, or some supported countries and in the same currencly as the local one, apart from that it’ll cost you way more than your bank, which is a small feat in itself. (I believe it is only sending money to non-revolut users, but I am not sure at all.)

If you stay within the lowered limits then the card will work as before. If you hit the limit it will hurt. The limits are so that they will hurt most of the people, but not everyone.

For me the main reason is this, also for me the change is slight. I’m not here to convince you in anything, if you don’t like it, just don’t accept the new T&C and find something better for you… for me there is nothing better for now and the new limits are ok for me.
There is no way that you can tell how many people will be affected with the new limits. Revolut says opposite than you, people around me won’t be affected too so… you get the point I think

I thank those who have tried to help someone such as me who struggles to keep up with ever changing terms and conditions.
Also not always able to find the right answer within a forum such as this.

Perhaps my best solution is to keep Revolut active (I like the concept). However, open an account with an alternative company. Just in case the new T&Cs prove to be too draconian for someone like me wanting a good value holiday card.

I’ll risk an aside (At risk of being told to find the right place to post). Since UK lockdown, I’ve moved my previous cash spending to Revolut to enable non-contact transactions. My old cash weekly allowance now goes via Revolut.
Benefit: I still have control of a limit on my spending.

Hence, I hope that Revolut doesn’t drive me away.


Maybe you can help me, as I don’t understand the new transfer-rule:

If I, based in Switzerland, want to transfer some money from my Revolut-account to a Eur-Account within EU: would there now be fees? Or are SEPA-payments still free?

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  • Paying by card does not change (much).

Just lower exchange limit before fees

The new ToS are a deal breaker.
Revolut matured into a traditional bank.

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I think SEPA transfers to EUR based EU countries are free, but I’m not sure about EU countries which use their own currencies. So e.g. would a SEPA EUR transfer to Hungary (where the local currency is HUF and not EUR, but they are in EU) be still free or not?

These new terms are confusing.

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Yeah, that’s a nice way to put it…

(i want to transfer the few euros i still have in my revolut-account out to my TW-account (eur) before canceling my account - new T&C have done it for me. Q is - fee or not)

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If a transfer is made in Euro, and if involved countries are SEPA countries, the transfer will be free. It doesn’t matter if a country’s individual currency isn’t EUR. They still have to oblige to SEPA rules when they are SEPA members. Nothing has changed regarding SEPA transfers.

(Charging for some but not all SEPA EUR transfers would be a violation of SEPA rules.)

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New T&C will take effect on August 12, 2020. So until then you should be able to make any transfers for free anyway…

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