New top-up method: Bancontact

Belgium’s most used payment method is Bancontact. Bancontact have an app which allows one to send money (pay online) or receive money by scanning a QR code appearing either on the website of a merchant or on a friend’s phone.

Aware of that, PayPal enabled Bancontact top-ups, especially as many people in Belgium don’t use a credit card. Top-ups and everything listed above are instant. I think it would be very nice to be able to top-up using Bancontact.



Hi @steve,

Thank you for you feedback.
We’ll take a look and let you know as soon as we have more information.

Thank you

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Hi, Bancontact is the Belgian domestic debit scheme - the more general problem is that all bancontact cards are also Maestro cards - unfortunately with 17 digits (while the common standards is 16 digits) so they can’t be used fo Maestro top ups…Belgium has to be special, of course :frowning:

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Of course. It has always been a “special and small country”… :wink:

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In the situation where I have only Bancontact and PayPal how can I top-up my account?

Idea: PayPal allows me to add the bank account not the Bancontact card.



I find this feature extremely important. And no Belgium is not the only one who uses Bancontact systems. In Germany they do too and its called klarna.

I feel that revolut being a fast thinking, modern bank, should absolutely implement a way to instantly top up from Maestro cards with bancontact. If PayPal and even Aliexpress did it, I don’t see why Revolut could kot settle this.


Would be great with swish for Sweden.

That would indeed be really convenient to top-up from Bancontact.

Especially that since a few days/weeks, I can’t top-up from my Maestro debit card issued from my Belgian bank. I don’t really know what happened ; it was working just fine since I joined Revolut but stopped working a few days ago (no way to top-up with the linked card “Only latin characters” message error and no way to link a Maestro card anymore).
For reference, I’ve posted this “error” here: I can't top up my revolut - #20 by jbelien