New to this, paying vs exchanging


Hello everyone

I am travelling Uk end Month and I have several doubts best way to proceed.

Got the visa card and my currency is in Euros.

If for instance I use it to pay hotel, Tube and so on do I have to previus exchange or just pay
and Revolut will aply the rate?

Also I plan travelling Russia end year, any suggestion concerning best way to proceed?

What happens if I need money from ATM?

B rgds and thanks for your help


It’s up to you, you can but not have to. The difference is the moment of exchanging (and markup during weekends).
Detailed information you can find in FAQ.
Have a nice journey! :+1:


Hi again.
Read the faqs and several related posts and if i understood correctly way to proceed should be.

If exchange rate is stable doesnt matter really,
On weekends in convenient to exchange to avoid
Extra comission.


Now, concerning Rusia.

Any suggestion best way to proceed?

One last question. Trying to send money to my son who lives abroad.
Any way he receives note by wassup or email or copy paste, instead of Sms?
As he has a non spanish phone number my phone company charges 50 cts per sms.
It is not a question of money but just because that rate is an abuse.

B rgds and thanks.