New to revolut need help



I’m new to revolut and willing to give it a go, I have my app, have my card and off to America next week.

I just want to clarify a few things, I want to transfer £1,500 to dollars. I’ve linked my debit card to the app to transfer. Will I be charged anything for this?

This should convert to around $2000. When I am out there I need to pay for my hotels which is roughly $1200. If I pay through their card machines will I get charged?

I understand I will get charged 2% at ATMs if I go over £500 in one month, is this calendar month or 30 days from first transaction?




You have two options:

Keep the money in pounds and use the rate that you get at the moment of any purchase/withdrawal (keep in mind that you have additional rate fees on weekends of .5% if I recall)


Transfer all pounds to dollars when feel like you have a good rate and you don’t need to worry about rates anymore during the whole trip. When you get back you can transfer to pounds again at that day rate.

If you get charged a fee is not from revolut side, at least while you’re withing limits.
I cannot help you with USA local fees, but i’m sure you can check that online or other user might explain better this question.

It should be calendar month. So if you withdraw 500 on 28th for example it will reset on 1st of the next month.


I will advise you not to use Revolut for pre-authorisation at the hotel. Use any credit card instead and then settle the bill with Revolut card on check-out. Otherwise, you will be charged twice and the pre-authorisation transaction will only reverse after 10 days which may leave you short of cash.

30 days is on a calendar month basis.