New to Revolut - a quick query



I just wondered if somebody could please answer a few questions.

  1. I am travelling to Florida next week - can I upload money before I go and if so can I upload in pounds (and will I be able to pay in dollars) or do I need to do transfer into dollars before I leave?

  2. If I return with some money left in my Revolut account - can I transfer this back into my bank account and if not do I get charged to use the Revolut card in the UK? Also, can I then transfer it back from dollars into pounds?




you can upload before or as you go, does not matter.
no need to transfer in to dollars, revolut does it atomatically as you buy something.
you can transfer money back or use revolut as you please, there is no charge, but do remember there is free monthly withdrawal limit on atm, other than that it is perfect for travel.


Excellent - thank you so much for your help - thats perfect. Just one more thing - how do you transfer money back into your bank?


just hit this big red circle on the bottom of the screen.
one more thing, do not rely on revolut only when traveling, sometimes it is not accepted at merchants, best to have other means of payment along.


Yes i have read that a few times so will definately have a backup (or 2!) - thank you so much for your answer, you have really helped.


I’m in Florida just now and the big change I have noticed from last year is that most supermarkets and shops now use chip & pin. The restaurants still seem to use swipe & sign. So you will need both methods active in your security settings.

As for ATMs, I had a failure at one at the post office (Fidelity Bank) but success at Wells Fargo - although the ATM fee was $5 which is a bit steep.

But my #1 tip would be, run through the entire process by loading a small amount of money (£20) and then withdrawing back to your bank before you leave. That way, if you do run into trouble and end up with your account locked, you wont be spending your holiday waiting for support to reply.


I woud recommend to read the FAQs. They have plenty of useful informations for getting used to the product. Revolut is different than a bank account in some aspects. They also answer all your questions there :wink: