New sim in mobile, but won't accept the new number. Help!


Switched sim, but it won’t let me change the number in my profile. Been trying support all day and got absolutely nowhere. Where’s the support guys?

Perhaps somebody will get back to me via this post…


Hey @AndyHo :slight_smile:

They’re usually faster through Twitter…


Did you contact us on Twitter? Let me know if you need help.


Hi Andreas. Not a Twitter user. All I need to do is change the phone number in my profile. I should be able to do this in the app, but get the error message that there’s been an error and to try later. This should be a simple fix, but the support from you guys is absolutely appalling.




Could you please send me a DM?


I can’t figure how to DM. Any help welcomed via the app as long as you don’t take hours to reply and then arhive the chat! Or perhaps call me on the number listed on my profile. I can’t believe how shockingly bad the service from Revolut has been over the last 3 days to resolve such a simple issue. Please…how about some customer service?


Ok, please check your inbox.


I have the same problem, new number so get the endless loop. How can I get in to update the records?