New signup - cannot order physical card

Hello Revolut Community,

I signed up yesterday for a Revolut account using a friend’s referral, and managed to top up my account in GBP. I thought there would be a way to request a physical card based on the referral from my friend.

I just keeping getting a message that I should check my connection when browsing to the physical cards section under cards, while the virtual cards section works without any issues.

Tried the in app chat bot and Live Agent since 1 pm yesterday, but all I get is that the support team is very very busy.

Would anyone know the reason why i would get this error ? I have taken a screenshot and added it on here for inspiration.

Are you using the latest version of the app updated yesterday? Try delete and re-install.

Thanks Powie. I’m using the latest version of the app. I’ve also tried uninstalling and installing the app as new from the App Store, but still have the same error as shown in the previous screenshot.

@anon33247966 can you help please

Hi there. Can you please delete and reinstall the app?

Thanks Andreas. I’ve reinstalled the app a third time and it works now.

My friend was the one who convinced me to join Revolut and even provided me a link to signup with the additions highlight of a free card.

I however don’t see any option where I can request that a free card is sent through. I’m very interested in using Revolut for many of my transactions, and have ordered it for £4.99, since I didn’t see any other option.

Was the free card for registrations from a specific country or for invites from a specific set of existing Revolut members?


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Hey! Thanks for letting me know. I’ve refunded you the cost of the card.


Revolut is a service I am eagerly waiting to explore, and was never about a free card. :slight_smile: Andreas, thanks very much your help on the app and for having refunded the charges. Much appreciated.

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