New 'Savings' (with Interest) in EU - Confusing with Vaults

I see now EU based users now have access to interest bearing ‘Savings’ - which is a separate product to Vaults and provided by a Broker.

This is confusing - where for example UK and Irish users have interest bearing Vaults - which have 2 different deposit options? also I see no way of applying the ‘spare change’ feature to my new Savings account.

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“Savings” is indeed a different product.

My guess is it will eventually become available for all EEA costumers. I am assuming it’s more profitable for Revolut than arrangements with third party banks that provide “Saving Vaults”.

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Unless and until savings accounts in :r: can compete with tax free devices (I’m a French resident) I shall continue to choose carefully where I place my excess funds for investment.