New Revolut Metal Card!


Just got an email saying that tomorrow they launching their stainless steel cards.

Just curious, do premium members get it to try it for free or is this a credit card which you will get only if you spend 10k daily?


Please read here:


Oh, lucky u. I havent got any email…hehe. Still waiting :slight_smile: .


Yeah but it seems like this is going to be a separate subscription from the premium one with another price tag :confused:


It is, this have been officially confirmed already. The costs are available in their terms. Here is a direct link


Oh I havent seen that, thats helpful! I believe tomorrow they will release what kind of benefits they are shipping with the new subscription?


Yes. But always read the terms to understand the product you are signing up for.


I hope Will get it for free

Please make me I beta tester :grin::wink:


Nothing in this world is free. But Metal are now officially launched and you can see more at


So wait… I can get the metal subscription for a month… Receive the card, cancel the subscription and keep the metal card? :smiley:


Yes. And pay £50 for the card :wink:


So even if you take the subscription you have to pay separate for the card? Or its “free” if you go for a year?


That was under the assumption you cancel of course.

The card does come with the subscription, if you cancel however you pay £50.


Look at the terms at the cancellation fee is stated there.


yeah but there are options for the subscription… Pay monthly or yearly. So in both cases you sign for a 12 month contract? As by cancel I mean I might try for a month and if i dont like it or its no use for me, I will go back to the premium as they both have basically the same thing


Precisely. And yes, the subscription is always for a year, you only have the option to pay in one go or in 12 instalments. And you only 14 days to cancel, not a month.

Bottom line, you can have a card for £50 without the subscription (“without”, you still need so sign up but can cancel within 14 days) or sign up for at least a year.


Okay, thanks. That clears up. So now all you have to do is just enter the phone number and wait until Revolut contacts you (if they do)?

Because they reserved for 10k premium members, how does the queue works here if 50k signs up in 1 day?


The remaining 40,000 will get it any time, very soon, just around the corner :laughing:


So the card is basically a credit card and not the debit one right? But I suppose its using your account balance instead of taking in the credit?


All that is actually explained in the thread @Dillmann mentioned.