New Revolut fees on top- up CHF from PrePaid Card


Hi Revolut,

It seems like you performed some changes on CHF top-ups past weeks ! I have been using Revolut for a while now, and had always topped up (without fee) my Revolut card via online payment from a Swiss Bankers Prepaid Mastercard. It is a dream that crashed today, when fees for 1000 CHF is about 17 CHF.

I’m not quite sure to understand your explanation regarding those fees, mentionning “because of 3rd party bank fees”. Isn’t it supposed to act as an online payment (just like buying goodies on Amazon) ? If yes, it would mean that Swiss banks charge fees to Amazon when we buy something online ?? Anyway, I guess I’m out of my league on those topics.

At the end, TransferWise is winning over the “Swiss market” specially since they lowered fees in Switzerland lately. Hope you aren’t letting us down !

Thank you for your consideration.




I’ve just experienced the same, trying to top up directly from my swiss MasterCard which had always been fees less until now, I’m interested in understanding what changed.