New (regular) users vs old (premium) users top-up limit


I have a premium account since day 1, March 2018 and I had an initial 60k RON top-up limit.

Two of my friends just created a regular Revolut account and started with a 250k RON limit.

Personally I’m happy for all new users but I feel like this is just disgraceful for Premium users that have a crated an account before this increase.

And yes, I need to increase my top-up limit and I ran out of means to do it.


I cannot comment on how the limits are estimated/set but if you want to increase your top-up limit you can follow the instructions in this topic:

Edit: I checked if I can find the mentioned menu “more, profile, authorization and limits” and it is not there anymore with the most recent version of :r: on android


From main screen… More / Profile / Top up Limit / Verify source of funds

That worked for me, using Android latest version of the app