New Privacy Policy: marketing consent and data sharing


The Privacy Policy is being changed from May 10, 2017. A slightly more honest approach would be to inform the customers directly what exactly is being changed, however the Revolut way is to obfuscate everything as much as possible.

Here’s what is being added (emphasis mine): [quote]Credit Reference and Fraud Prevention Agencies

We or our business partners and affiliates may obtain information about you from credit reference agencies and fraud prevention agencies. This is not limited to such agencies based in the United Kingdom and includes such agencies overseas. Any such search under this section will not leave a footprint or any other marker on your credit file. We do not allow joint account holders, however in certain circumstances credit reference agencies may link your record with your spouse, partner or other financial associate.

We or our business partners and affiliates (together in this section “We and “Us”) may do this for the following reasons:

• To help us better understand your financial circumstances and behaviour so that we may make decisions about how we manage your Revolut App and account;
• To process applications for products and services available through us including making decisions about whether to agree or approve any applications;
• To send you offers and promotions by email, SMS, direct mail and through telemarketing in accordance with your marketing preferences (but we will obtain your further consent where we are required do so);
• To provide you with the information, products and services that you request from us;
• To access and use information about you and how you use your Revolut App and account to identify products and services in which you may be interested and tailor those specific products and services to best suit your needs;
• To develop and improve our products and services;
• To make decisions about how we manage your Revolut App and account including approving individual transactions;
• To monitor and manage activity on your Revolut App and account

You are entitled to access your personal records held by credit and fraud prevention agencies. If you would like details of the credit reference and fraud prevention agencies from which we have obtained or may obtain Information about you, please contact us at[/quote]

If I never apply for or use any credit products from Revolut, will my personal data still be transmitted to “credit reference agencies?”

It also appears that Revolut is availing themselves of the right to send us all kinds of marketing communication but I do not recall ever giving my consent to this. Does it mean that Revolut believes they are not required to obtain such consent?


Think this might be a standard form consumer contract for banker–consumer relationships.