New Premium Card designs now avaible.


:r: now offers new designs for Premium Cards. Space Grey, Silver and Rose Gold are the colours.

You can see them here:


Was the original metal card “Space Grey”?


I have the new silver card. The MasterCard hologram is no longer present on the back. The MasterCard logo on the front is now a clear sticker on the card instead of being printed on.

It does now appear that the bin is localized, though i haven’t seen yet whether DCC offers to convert to GBP or Euro


Sorry, I don’t know.


A sticker? Wow that does sound really Premium :wink:


Got the space grey card today. The card is not as dark, as it appears in the app at all. It’s almost as light as the silver card. I prefer the flatness over the cards with an embossed number. The finish of the card doesn’t really look “premium” though. Looks a bit like a coated cardboard. Numbers and letters are extra thin. Nothing I would pay for.


Can you still get the original dark green card ?


There was a dark green premium card? I just know that the black metal card has a slightly green touch.


I confirm, the color is far away from what you can see in the card menu. The space grey is silver.
I would definitely not pay for it.


What did actually happen to those new Metal designs that we saw on twitter around Christmas?


They aren’t released yet. That’s all.


Let me guess: Coming soon™



So does the new Premium card have flat or embossed texts?


mine’s not a sticker i have the rose gold version.


Flat like the old ones.