New phone whilst overseas, unable to log back into app.


Been a customer with Revolut for 4years and have recently moved to Australia. The card and account was working great until my iPhone died and I now can’t log into the app on my new phone as it says revolut isn’t available in Australia yet. I’m hoping to log back into my old account, however I no longer have access to the original telephone number.

Could you help me log back into my account on my new phone?



Hello @ScottFarenden :slight_smile:

You have 3 options to contact support and get this fixed:

1. Contact support and wait
Try to log in with your old phone number and, when you’re asked for the pin, do not type it, but click Forgot? and then Support. You’ll be able to reach the support chat there :telephone_receiver:

2. Head to Twitter
You might also want to reach :r: on Twitter, to see if they can speed things up:

3. Invoke the omnipotent @AndreasK
And he will (hopefully) do his administrative magic :star2:



Oh no :frowning: Why “hopefully”?


Hey hey hey!

I can help! Can you please drop me a direct message with your phone number associated with your account?


Andreas K.


Please see attached image inthe post below.


Hey! Please delete your phone number from here :slight_smile:


Hi Andreas

Unfortunately there’s no link to message on my screen or in the messaging section, can you DM me and I’ll reply to your message?




Sure - I’ve massaged you :slight_smile:


Hello. This just happened to me now. Hope to get help. I wait for some money that should be in to pay a bill @AndreasK .


Hey there @arezkim :slight_smile:

This forum’s been missing the ever-needed, extra-useful @AndreasK for a few days… :cry:

I’d suggest you to try on Twitter:


Aww! I missed you too :slight_smile: But I’m back at your service!