New phone/tablet. How to move?


Hi All

First of all, sorry for my bad English.

I own a Revolut card, and I’m fine with it, using my Android phone to manage it.

It happens now my android phone is old, and I want to move to a new phone. Now, since you look at security and you lock cards when you see strange behaviors (which is OK), I am asking if you have a suggested/safe procedure to move the app from my phone to another phone (or maybe a tablet).

Meaning: a way to move the app to another phone, without being locked.

And, btw: is it allowed I move the app on a wifi-only tablet, too?

thanks in advance



shouldnt be a problem
you just receive the sms token and login.


Hello @Loweel,

As @FernandoMiguel mentioned, you can download the app on the new device, by receiving the sms code then you can log in.


Andreas K

New phone number + new phone

Hi all

it worked. Thank you both.