New phone same number



I changed my phone and kept the same number. When I downloaded Revolut, it tells me something went wrong please try again later!

Any ideas?



Tell us something more :slight_smile:
Which system, which version of it?
Which app’s revision?
On which step you got this info?


I got this as soon as it asks me for my mobile number . I downloaded then only version I found on the play store :(/


try the oldest windows method: uninstall this, the install it ones again :slight_smile:
Play store means android- which version?


Version 7 of android.

I uninstalled it and installed it again about 10 times :(/

I’m feeling lost without my revolt :frowning:


Are you able to install android emulator on your computer (e.g BlueStacks), then install Revolut on it?


Still have a problem. Might be something with my network however as when I go the website and put in my number to receive msg I never receive msg


Hmmm, have you tried contact them via chat?
It is possible if you click “I don’t have SMS”


Could you please send me a direct message?


Sure _ how do I do that?/


Go on my profile -> Messages.