New phone same number - transfer app

I have bought a new android phone and would like to transfer my app from my old phone. I still have access to my old phone and WIFI. What are the steps for me to do this

Download the app on the new phone. Then log in with your old number. A text will be sent to your old phone for verification. Then you can contact support and ask them to change the phone number associated with your account.

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Thanks Frank

I have the same number so the code went straight through to my new phone/sim and it all seems to be working. I hope so as am using it in Sweden in a few weeks!

thanks again

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I still have the same phone number (new device) but the old pin won’t work. Requesting a reset (by sending the phone number) and hitting on authentication in email will only lead back to pin request…

Were you able to resolve this problem? I’m facing the same problem right now.

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Hi, Im having same issue. Could someone please help?

I had the same issue today.
Upgrading the phone software, uninstalling and again installing the Revolut app helped, so I’m using it now on the new cell phone.

It wants me to take a selfie but everytime I upload it it says something went wrong… I’m just trying to setup on a new phone with the same number :frowning:

hello everybody. I have the same problem; I have a new phone, with the same number. I download the Revolut app. At the beginning everything was fine, they ask me to take a selfie, I entered, saw everything there; but at a second time entering, they asked again for a selfie, ask 2 authentication questions which leads to a pin request…which I gave then, but it’s possible to be the wrong one?..Don’t know what to do and with who to talk…Thank you for any reply or advice

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I have got a new phone using the same SIM.

I can only create a new account on the app. When I go through it tell me I already have an account and sends me back to the beginning of creating a new account.

There is no option to sign in to an existing account. please help I am a power user.

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I am having the same problem.

I have changed my phone. I installed the revolut app on the new phone. When I try to connect to my account, I was asked to put my email address, which I did, but the email has never arrived. I have tried to repeat it several times.

I’m also stuck in an endless loop. It prompts me to enter details for a new account, then tells me the account already exists. I reinstalled the app and same problem. Infuriating.

Hello Revolut Community,

I have the following problem now. I have reinstalled RevolutApp on my phone. I am trying to log in now and providing my phone number and correct email address appears. But I am not receiving SMS and no activation email appears from Revolut in my mailbox (SPAM and all other folders checked). I tried to log in from PC, same result -> no SMS, no activation email. At the same time a got an activation mail in the second from Revolut Community. I can’t contact support without Revolut App. So I am completely blocked now. Very disappointed.

Any idea how i can get my activation SMS or email to login to App?


For the 1000th time: If you cannot reach :r: via in-app chat you have to contact them via social media: Facebook or Twitter (revolutapp).

I tried to send message to PL revolut FB group and got an automated reply that i have to contact support chat in the app. Probably my last resort is Twitter.

Today I tried again and SMS arrived, i was able to launch application. Not sure what was the problem.