New phone problems in New Zealand!!!


I’m currently living in New Zealand on a working holiday visa and still using my Revolut card for travelling. However I recently broke my phone and am using a different one. When I downloaded the Revolut app on the new phone it doesn’t give me the option to Login with my Revolut details. I have to enter my current phone number - which is a New Zealand number - and as Revolut doesn’t exist in New Zealand it won’t let me go any further and access my account. This is a HUGE problem as my UK number which I originally assigned to my account is no longer in use and I have savings on my Revolut card which I now have no way to access! Please if someone can help?! I’m starting to freak out!


Hi @klogan537, if you do not change your phone number in :r: account previously (from your UK number to New Zealand number) you should:

  • enter your old, registered phone number
  • enter four digit password
  • wait two minutes
  • click on the bottom button “cannot get verification code”
  • on popup chose “live chat”

I hope it will help you.