New phone - old number - no log in

Bougha a new android oreo phone and cant log in to app, will not accept my passcode or the last 4 digits from my card. Any help? Thanks.

What’s the message you get?

Please remember to provide last four digits of your bank’s card used for last top up (not Revolut’s card)

The app PIN is not the card PIN. And what @redi said.

All good now, tried Revolut cards last digits first, not banks. Thanks for your help!

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Can’t log in after setting up a new phone , just keeps repeating a new sign up even though it’s say details know ??? Any idea folks as revolut don’t have a phone number to ring and can only ask for help when using the app with I can’t log into cheers

Is amazing we as Revolut customers to not get support on our questions, not even having a phone number to discuss with a real person not a machine!
I post my message some time ago, no official support
How to reset my 4 digits PIN access to my Revolut account?
I cannot remember the previous one
I sent many times already a capture of myself and ID, nothing
Who is behind Revolut anyway?


Florin Balcu

Since you can’t use the in-app chat, you can also contact :r: via Facebook and Tweeter.

Funny that iv sent messages on Twitter and not heard anything back

Thanks. I di not use Facebook or Tweeter