New phone number!!



So I’ve recently changed my phone number as I got a new device. I believe I’ve created a new account with my new number and what I really want to do is to link my existing card to my old account but every time I try it says ‘this card can’t be linked’.

I cannot log in with my old number because they send me the 6 digit code to the old number and I haven’t got that SIM card anymore.

The support chat Rita doesn’t give me any useful answer! Please help!



Hey @Lydia.almohalla :slight_smile:

The card will remain linked to your previous account. The procedure should be changing your account number before actually changing the SIM.

To get transferred to a live agent, just type live agent to Rita and she’ll manage :wink:

If that doesn’t work, please check this:


Keep in mind that the phone number is the primary identifier for the link between the Revolut account and the device with the application. It has a standard format and is unique worldwide. Therefore, changing phone number is a delicate process.