New phone number, please help!

Hey guys, I fly to Austria today nd really need help.

I have a revolut card which is associated with an old number (premium account).

I got a new phone with a new number and instead of linking my old account I mistakenly and unknowingly opened a new account. I then transferred money into it then realised the error of my ways when trying to register my old card and it wouldn’t let me do so. I have since verified the account via ID. I have sent the money in that account back to my bank so it is literally empty.

Right, so in an attempt to speed things up (said 2 hours want for a live agent!) I went into my old account and attempted deactivating the card in the hope I could re link it to the new one. This didn’t work.

I’m very frustrated beyond belief as I now have 2 accounts without a card that works.

I wish to move the old account to my new number and get rid of the new one as long as it’s 100% the money has transferred back to my bank. I hope I can still use the card once this gets fixed.

Absolute nightmare, please help :slight_smile: and it is much appreciated!

Hey @Msnyder :slight_smile:

Excuse me for saying this, but every step you took to solve this made the problem worse :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

No worries, however. There’s a forum superhero for that :mage:

Do this, before an agent connects:

  • Open any of the accounts (the one you’re waiting in queue for the chat)
  • Clearly specify which was your PREVIOUS phone number and which is your current one.
  • Clearly specify you terminated your card by mistake and ask for it to be reactivated
  • Clearly specify you’re flying today and might not be able to answer the chat at a later time

Whenever an agent connects, if he or she is able to solve your problem, yay! :smile:
Just come here and share it!

If not, wait for the forum superhero, the almighty @AndreasK


Hey :slight_smile:

I’ve sent you a direct message. Let’s solve this as soon as possible :slight_smile:

I suggest to remove these details :slight_smile:
Andreas wants you to read direct mesage from him.
I suppose that in this message he described the steps which have to be done :slight_smile:

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