New phone number + new phone


I am travelling in Chile and I have a new number here, also a new phone, therefore I cannot access my account in the APP, to reach out to support. I would like to ask how can I deal with this situation.



I am having the same problem at home in uk. Tried last week on the live chat in the app to resolve this. It took 2 days for them to answer asking to confirm my name address date of birth and how much last top up was. It’s been months since my last top up and can’t remember how much it was and can’t access my account.
This seems to be a problem when you change phone. I tried linking my card through app on new phone, that doesn’t work either.
If I were you I would call them if you can. I’m about to give up and ditch the dam thing as it’s 8 hours till a live agent may get in touch, and I’m not relying on the card right now I just wanted to sort it out.
Hope you get it sorted

Did you try to put the original SIM back in? You didn’t throw it away, did you?
Well, unfortunately, this issue pops up every day. It is an app relying on your phone number.

Maybe search the community…

Doesn’t matter if you have same sim in or not doesn’t make any difference it treats you like a new customer. It’s an app relying on the same device

@AndreasK or @JessicaZ can you help JPed ?

Still doesn’t let you log into your account :roll_eyes:

Please send me a direct message, so that I can help.


Thank you all and Andreas, will do and let know!


My problem is i want changing my phone number but my old phon number dont live and the revolut send a Code to my old phone number

Hi, I have a new phone number and I can’t log into the app. It asks for my old phone number, which I don’t remember. Can you help?

Can you get your old phone number from one of your contacts who might still have it? when this happened to me I requested a new sim card with the same phone number and it made things much easier

Hi, I’m having troubles accessing my account, as of I changed numbers and I’m not able to access my Revolut account anymore. Can you please help me with that? Thank you in advance!

Hello! I have the same problem. Could you please help me? I cannot PM people myself as my account here is new. Thanks very much!

I have a new Android phone with my old SIM and number. I installed the app but I can’t log in to my account. The app forces me to create a new account and get a new card, but I just want to acces my existing account and card.
What can I do ?

I have the same issue! Same as above, I cannot yet PM as my account is new. Please help!!

hi, Andreas!
I would like your help as well, cant send a DM.
I changed phone and as I am in Thailand I change phone numbers monthly, due to the mobile data offers, so I cant sign into my account. and weirdly, the app says my passcode is incorrect, but if there is one thing Im sure about in my life, its the passcode. I urgently need to access the app and my card.
Hope to hear from you,
Thank you

Hello, I have the same issue: new phone but same phone number; impossible for me to log in. It says that my passcode is incorrect and does not give me the option to create a new one. I don’t have access to the chat app and doesn’t know what to do anymore. It’s quite urgent :frowning:

I have the same issue, i moved over to an android phone, but used my existing sim, so on the same mobile number.

I downloaded the revolut app, but it only allows me to create a new account, and not login as an existing user.

Did anyone get a reply from Revolut how to get the app working ? Or does anyone know how to get in touch with customer service at Revolut ?

Kind regards

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I urgently need to change my phone number on the app!! Can someone please help ASAP