New phone number, cannot access app


Dear sir/madam,

I have recently changed my phone number, but I forgot to update Revolut with this new number.

Can you help me access the app?



Hi @BojanBlazevic.

I can help :slight_smile:

Send me a direct message so we can get int touch!


Andreas K.


Thanks Andreas, what are the next steps?


Check your inbox please :slight_smile:


Hello AndreasK,

I have the same problem.
I asked a live agent to change my French phone number to a number from Ivory Coast. He said he did and asked me to log out to log back in. Which I did. But, when I tried to log back in I found out there is no +225 country code! (The country code of Ivory Coast is +225) and my French number isn’t linked to my account anymore. Can you send me a DM so I can give you details for you to fix this please?

Thanks !!!


Sure! Check your inbox :slight_smile: