New Phone No

No access to the phone I created my account with. How do I get access please

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Hello @dtverster :slight_smile:

If you still have access to your SIM card (or a new one with the same phone number), you just need to log back in normally after downloading the :r: app :wink:

Else, you have 3 options to contact support and get this fixed, as they can change your phone number:

1. Contact support and wait
Try to log in with your old phone number and, when you’re asked for the pin, do not type it, but click Forgot? and then Support. You’ll be able to reach the support chat there :telephone_receiver:

2. Head to Twitter
You might also want to reach :r: on Twitter, to see if they can speed things up:

3. Invoke the omnipotent @anon33247966
And he will (surely) do his administrative magic :star2:

Also, side note: This has been discussed plenty of times. Like 30% of the posts in the forum revolve about this. There might be something to do (sticky post, a change to the app, IDK, @anon33247966, please)


Hey @dtverster :smile:

You’re the first one in the forum to summon him properly, you should be given an award :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

But, on the other hand, you should inmediately erase your post and create a new one with the same text maybe (as post editions are kept in a public log) so your private data is not available for the whole internet :frowning:

:roll_eyes: I have been in his shoes before. Kindness and respect always works!

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That’s the spirit :muscle: hahaha

Hey! I will reach you out via a direct message and we will have solved this in a minute :slight_smile:

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Hello Andreas, I have a problem logging into revolut after losing my phone abroad. I was recommended I speak to you…Is there any way you could help me out? Many thanks

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I can definitely help :slight_smile: Drop me a DM please so we can get in touch.



Many thanks for your reply. I’m fiddling around on this page and I simply can’t find how to drop you a DM. Can you DM me please?



Sure! I will do that for you :slight_smile:

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Hello Andreas,

I changed my phone number so I don’t have acces to my revolut account anymore. Could you please help me with that?

Kind regards


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Sure! Drop me a DM :slight_smile:

Hey Andreas,

It’s about my phone number. How do I get directly to you to change my old phone number to a new one?

Thank you

@anon33247966 or @jessicaszabla


I’ve send you a direct message could you please reply?

Thank you, already spent option one and 2 the admin you told me to contact had not been seen for 6 hrs so I assume it’s not worth me contacting him

Hey so deleted app and redownloaded now I can’t acccess my account :frowning: , can you please help ?

If possible can you help me ,had a premium account for months .had to download the app to a new iPhone then after entering my passcode etc it only shows a standard account and no history and doesn’t show my cards .
Any ideas what I can do .

Thank you in Advance for any help you can give ,I have asked the same question on support but no response as of yet