New phone, no old phone access

I’ve found FAQ topic and community that says that support can update my phone number, but they are offline for the weekend.

I have no access to my old phone:( but was wondering if there is any other way to do it.


Hey there @Ania :slight_smile:

Usually no, sadly, there’s no other way :frowning:
Only premium users get 24/7 support access, even for this kind of urgent matters :cry:

You might try with Twitter though:

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Thanks @Juliopp

Will try Twitter or just wait for Europe to come online :slight_smile:

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Hi Ania!

Shoot me a message so that I can get this sorted out.



Hi, I have a similar problem - new phone and sim, and can no longer access my account. Anyone able to help?


Hey @jonp84 :slight_smile:

Check this

Thanks @Juliopp!

Perhaps @JessicaZ or @AndreasK can help?

@jonp84 I’ve been in touch via DM, please check your inbox. :slight_smile:

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