New phone, new number, old number is gone...

My wife buyed new phone and she got new number now. On her old phone, she can still open :r: app, but when she wants to change number, :r: send her a code on a old number. Old number is gone and there is no way to access to old number. Any help ?

P.s. no she didnt contacted “help” because she doesnt have metal or premium, so im not sure if she can chat with live agent.

Yes she can.



I’m havig the same issue. I would like to change my phone number in Revolut to make a payment. How can I contact the support team? I don’t have either metal or premium…

I’m having the same problem. I opened an account while living in Spain, then moved to South Africa and managed to change my mobile number to my SA number. But then yesterday my iphone died and I had to get a new one. I’ve re-synced all my apps but I can’t get into my Revolut account. It doesn’t seem to recognise my number now. It looks like it still recognises my orginal Spanish number as it sends me a code to that number, but obviously I can’t access that. HELP. I have no idea how to contact anyone to help me sort this out. The only option seems to be to use the in-app chat, which I can’t access!

Yes me too. Got a new phone and now I am no longer sure what the passcode is. As soon as you can’t login to the app you are out in the cold and Revolut seem to ignore you…what’s waste of £80

Did you try to contact them on social networks ?

I have exact same problem. New phone and new number. Face recognition doesn’t work as the new phone reinstalled the app and you need to login first time. And using the reset function doesn’t work as it’s connected to the old number.

Is there anyway to speak with Revolut outside the in-app chat?!

I have exact same problem. Is there any way to speak with Revolut outside the in-app chat? There must be, surely? Pls let me know if you get a solution… I will do the same for you…

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My Revolut app is linked to an old phone number which I don’t have. How can I change the phone to access the app again? Please help

Did you try contacting customer service?

Already solved. Thank you.

Hi, I managed to resolve the problem by contacting Revolut on their FB page. They were very helpful. Good Luck

Hey All :wave: There are a few fixes that can be tested when such happens:

  • How to change my phone number, I not longer have access :grey_question:

Very simple, try and follow the lost access to phone number route when launching the application :white_check_mark:

  • I cannot get my pin sent to my old number but I am logged in. How to change the phone number :grey_question:

Please head on over to the in-app chat and a support agent will be more than happy to help you. Send the message “Live agent” to skip past the in-app chat bot, Rita :hammer_and_wrench:

  • I have tried everything and nothing is working. Errors keep coming up. How do I contact Revolut :grey_question:

You can reach out to the social media team via Twitter :bird: Or Facebook​:bust_in_silhouette:. Be sure to be patient as they may have a lot of request but will do there best to help. This is a last resort and do try everything before.

Heads up: on :bird: You will need to tag Revolut in a mention but on :bust_in_silhouette: You can head right on over to DMs. Be sure to outline your issue so that help can be given as soon as possible.

Please also note that it is important to keep your phone number up to date with the one you currently have access to and to not forget what phone number you have linked to your account as this is needed to log in :ok_hand:

We hope this has helped

i changed my number and my Revolut account is gone. i didnt use Revolut for awhile
but today i would like to get in Revolut but i cant because i cant Enter my Revolut passcode from my old number ,it gone.
could someone help me out! please

Hi, I had revolut connected to my old number, never used it much, and now cant remember my password. I cant seem to change the passcode or do anything to solve this issue, I would like to start using revolut now but cant even start a new account with my new number. Any help?

Please check the post, two posts above yours.

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