New phone and phone number and can't log into existing account as a result - please help



I have been messaging Revolut Support for 3 days now but with no reply, and I desperately need to fix this as soon as I can as I need to provide a statement on my revolut account!

Basically I recently moved back to Dublin after living and setting up an account in London while living and working there (with an english number obviously as a result).

However just before I moved back to Ireland I lost my phone, but since moving back to Dublin I got a new phone and new number. When I downloaded the revolut app on my new phone I thought I would be able to log into my account (setup in London on my english number) but that seems to be not possible to do yourself. Instead they have just opened up a new account on my new irish number, but I can’t log out of this and just log into my old account where my funds are being held when I set the account up in London on my english number. As I said, I have tried contacting revolut support with no luck and have tried to fix it myself but it seems impossible without an agent’s help.

Can someone please help me with this? or provide guidance etc.

Many thanks in advance!




You can search this forum for this!




Hey @darren1171 :slight_smile:

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