New permission in 7.3

Does anybody know why Revolut requires a new permission as of 7.3?

Why would the application need appear on-screen without user interaction now?


@Rainbow @Bil @klusek @Darianna @S4ndra

To clarify Z-Order doesn’t correspond to apps. It refers to the order of an item within an application view; it’s commonly used in website development and is now within Android

I imagine they’re using it for buttons somewhere, but as mentioned in the link you provided, it’s not a security risk and is associated with ‘normal’ as such

In this context it does. You do not need a permission for elements in your own application. This permission appears to allow the application to bring itself back to the foreground. As it says, “tasks”.

I was referred to the chat :slight_smile:

Based on experience I rather doubt they will be able to answer the question, but who knows :slight_smile:. Off to the chat to clarify it then.

Support was very friendly but clueless as ever. The chat was closed and I was asked to try later again. So yes, as expected support couldnt help either.

As instructed, I contacted them today again but support definitely does not know why that permission was added.