New Offers for inviting friends

Am I the only one who didn’t get any offer for inviting friends, like getting Metal for free? Or any other offer at all :thinking: :rofl:


I really wanted the Offer i think i got it like 5-6 months after i created the account.



Excuse me, I try to create a bug issue but I see nowhere how to create a new issue. A button “new” exist somewhere? Should I be in a new group or authorized by someone?

I can reply but not create a new. Thank you for your help

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No mariussc I have the same problem…

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I got the offer recently - it was £5 but with a time window. I’m not sure whether they just have to sign up within that window or whether they have to do the whole thing of making a card payment.

In any case, I tried to get about 10 different people to sign up but only one has done. It’s not that easy to get people to sign up to things!

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It’s also not very persuasive, if you have to tell them about all the things they shouldn’t do to not risk an indefinitely blocked amount of money because the support in these cases is a hit-or-miss. :man_shrugging:

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I got the option to create a topic by myself about one month after I created my account! Be patient! :smile:

I have a very annoyong bug in revolut and noone is answering me.
With samsung S8+ french keyboard I can’t create an alert with dot (0.56 I can’t, 1.56 I can’t) !!!

A recent offer was £17 for referring a friend: unfortunately it appeared over a weekend, giving you 2 days for said friend to sign up, receive their card and make a payment. Seems utterly pointless to offer a referral based on a timescale that tight.

This £17 referral has popped up again, also within 2 days. I doubt it’s even possible for someone to sign up, get their card and make a payment within 48 hours so I can only assume this offer is designed to refer people without actually having to pay out the referral fee. Bit of a joke, really.