New "More Tab"

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Beta app versions aren’t supposed to be discussed publicly. :wave:

Great compilation. :clap:

I wish to add the need for real statements including all important details (or at least options) one would need for an official document. Thank you.

:wave: they should have a beta tester part of the forum then instead of wanting you to email somewhere where you can’t speak to anyone :slight_smile:


That doesn’t change the terms for the beta program.

They can go remove every post related to the beta on this forum if they mind that much :slight_smile:

There are loads, I think it’s more just there for the sake of being there.


This is a feature that was previously requested to make it easy to check current total exposure to :r:.

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I, for one, am pleased with this feature. It allows me to see my daily expenditure across all my wallet accounts in my base currency. And to see my total balance.


Yes, that’s the irony of this all. The product has changed drastically since 2015. and every time something changes in a more substantial way, you end up with opposing ideas from users about what’s best. Revolut really could go in circles.

A well known truism in UX design is that there is no UX design without UX data. Without data, designers just claim to know better what‘s best. Revolut repeatedly claims they are a data driven company. So for now, unless proven otherwise, I am happy to believe these UX changes are based on quantified feedback and other input and not random ideas.

I think the new dashboard is a good move. Sure, it’s the first iteration, but it has benefits for both the user and Revolut:

It presents a relatively complete overview over all features. Newbies struggle a lot to understand features, where they are, where to find account details, and so on. Revolut is different to your usual bank in many cases, but it feels very similar to what users know about banking. There is a learning curve, but it’s not intuitively obvious that there is a lot to learn about the product. So I would assume this new dashboard helps to understand the product and it’s features better, reducing frustration and support time.

Regarding redundancy: yes, the cards don’t have to be displayed here. But if they are, some settings can be adjusted right from this screen: like freezing it or showing the PIN. There’s a plus in convenience for some. Another example: the watchlist. Currencies can be exchanged from there directly for example.

Then it’s user configurable. And of course, Revolut would want to present the user with all options at first. You want to show the whole feature set. That’s good for new users. And then let users decide what they want on their dashboard.

While the dashboard introduces some new design and flow inconsistencies, to me it feels like a huge improvement over the current more tab.

(And personally, I am so happy the tab labels are gone. That’s not the best accessibility wise, but there was this really annoying bug that f***ed up the letter spacing. So I am happy I don’t have to see that anymore.)


I don’t think the new “more Tab” is awful at all. I really quite like it. It’s customizable and shows a lot of relevant information at a glance. I found the tile view we had before much worse – great work guys.

Most of your feedback is valid and would improve the view even further – though I’d disagree with the suggestion to hide Donations by default. Makes it less likely for people to stumble upon them, which probably leads to fewer donations.