New Mock-up for an All-Black Revolut Premium card


Incredibly happy that Revolut took the all-black Revolut Premium card idea on board (All-black premium card).

The proposed new black cards have a strip of silver (Much like the pink Premium card.), which I’m not too fond of.

I’ve done a really quick mock-up of what an all-black Revolut card would look like.

Thoughts? Do people prefer the black+silver strip one, or an all-black one? I myself might go with the fully-silver one if the black+silver strip is released.

Making all-black business credit card available for private customers

Definitely prefer an entirely black card, however the black with a small silver strip at the bottom is a great step. I wonder if entirely black Mastercards are against some sort of card network branding requirement so as to not be confused with products such as


Nice Colour !
I think a full black card is the best, but with a small stripe and silver logo would it be even better


That’s a good point.

The MasterCard Black isn’t a subsidiary of MasterCard (It’s a wholly-owned subsidiary of Barclays Bank Delaware) but the concern over the potential branding requirement applies.

I’ve had a look and seems like this has been an issue before (, but only in terms of trademark law, rather than the image of a black card in itself.

N26 offers a black card (as part of their N26 Black programme.), so I assume there’s no issue with having a black card in itself.

However, they’ve got a silver strip as well, which might be related to your point about MasterCard banning all-black cards as part of their branding rules.

Overall, if it is possible, I think an all-black one would be a really good option to have, as an alternative to the current silver, pink and pink-silver options.


A Black silver card like this would be nice, and maybe with gold even better

Supporting Maestro would make a lot of people in the Benelux happy because we are more likely to use Maestro/V Pay instead of Mastercard/Visa (as not all stores support them)


Managed to spot an all-black card online by Jack Dorsey, founder of Square (Cash). It’s VISA, but still. It looks really, really good.



Looks very good, not available here otherwise I would give it a shot


Honestly, new premium cards are way better designed! :r:


Agree! Can’t wait for them to start shipping :smile:


Lets hope they will be shipping fast


That’s all well and good about look and feel of new products. Why encourage “premium Black Card”, when Revolut cannot get basic customer support right. Infact, you cannot reach support at all. And there’s no phone contact. Rip off!


@revolut, any plans to bring an all-black premium card as mocked up on the top?

The clean look of the all-silver card is amazing and would look fantastic as an all-black card. Especially with silver coloured MasterCard logo!


It exists as a colour variant for Revolut for Business.

Would love for it to be released as an option for Revolut Premium customers, however.


Simply beautiful!!!

@revolut, please, make this available for personal premium customers!

I would immediately cancel my all-silver order for this one!



Found via @Karol:


If Revolut could come with such a black card and Debit then it would be much better then N26


I would pay up to 50 USD for a Carbon Fiber dark black card.


It would be also a great idea to issue the cards with vertical logo (like pocopay cards) and give the option to choose this colour rotated