New member concerns


I just downloaded the app and i just wanna use the card for backpacking but there’s something about a premium service mentioned. I looked up Revolut fees and am now concerned; I don’t wanna have to use that service cos it’s not free. How do I get out of that? If u order a card in have to pay to opt out? And if I top up the card with my jersey based bank transfer will I get charged? Thanks in advance.


Dont opt for Premium Service and you won’t be charged for it.


Revolut is free to use. However you just pay for shipping for your physical card.


However, the Premium includes the travelling insurance (which you can also get outside of the Premium for as little as 1€ a day) which might be useful for you since you’re backpacking.


Thanks for your help.

I am gonna go to Cambodia Vietnam Laos. Do I simply transfer bank account money onto revolut card as in British pounds, and get them converted ato the ATM upon withdrawing? (I understand that Thai Currency incurs charges during the week and more at weekend so will avoid usingetting card there)

The other question is what does rolling month mean? I will have £200 allowance per rolling month.

What use is virtual card? Can I use it in ATM?


Top up your account in GBP and Rev will convert it to local currency at time of trasnsaction. Only down side is that you will get a poorer rate at weekends when markets are shut. Alternatively you can convert GBP to local currency through your account beforehand and therefore guarantee the rate.

Rolling month is a month commencing on the date you opened your account. For example - If you opened your account on 18th March you would have a ‘fee free’ allowance of £200 up til 18th April and 18th of each month thereafter.

A virtual card has no physical existence and therefore cant be used in atm’s. Web purchases etc would be fine.


Thank you for making that clear.

Is there a fee for not using the card/account?


And what is the minimum top up required to get the 5 pound card sent tout Jersey city

Thanks in advance


Im looking at verification and limits. it says under top up, limit is £200 per year


If you verify your ID (which you need to do anyway) your top up limit will go up.
Not sure how much postage will be,think around 5-6£.


What if you top up by bank transfer but forgot the code. i can prove with my own reference and account numbers. Cn i talk with admin privately about this? Hope i havent lost a tenner!


Hey dj45

If you haven’t used the reference in your transfer then support will be able to find it if you give them details about the transfer.

There is no fee for not using the account or card. I suspect many only use it when they travel which can be months or maybe years apart and it works when they need it :slight_smile:


Thanks, but how do i contact support online? I sent £10 but forgot to add their code number


Go to the “More” -> “Help” and tap on “Chat to us” then write “live agent” as a message and a live agent will be with you shortly.


Thanks. Sorry im using a laptop, is the more help available on a regular pc if so, where?


Sadly not. However you can use an Android Emulator to run the app. I use but in other threads i have seen being recommended.


ok so its only on android app?


Revolut works on Android and iOS. But the emulator is Android. I am not sure Revolut works in an iOS emulator.


got it. chatting to help now. thanx


well i had to bypass chat computer to an agent but 4 hour wait!! Hope they can remedy this eventually. Yikes!

Henrik, i am on pay as you go, and have swithched off mobile data to save it. Will support get back to me my email or message when i switch it back on later? I cant leave it on for 4 hours just waiting for a possible reply i hope u understand me. Thanks