New member. Account number

Hi, I am new! I live in Norway. Open a bank account here takes several weeks! So I choose Revolut as a second option.

Which number should I give my employeer in order to get my salary on Revolut?

NOK? Add your NOK account first, the little grey “settings” icon in the account section, upper right corner. You’ll find all details then.

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Don’t forget to give him the reference code too!


Be aware that Revolut is not a licensed Bank yet.
Transfers to the NOK and other bank accounts will be SWIFT transfers, except for EUR account with SEPA, and may have fees deducted when you receive money.

EDIT: make sure that you have a backup ready if you are locked out of Revolut because of their anti-money-laundering checks (also called SOF or source of found checks). The support/responsible team for that seems to overwhelmed by the amount of work and will take quite some time.

That’s correct.

Besides EUR, local bank details are also offered for the GBP account.