New Jersey outlet

My revolut card isn’t accepted to the outlet! Please help me

They will not accept the physical Revolut card as payment or is your transaction declined ?

The transaction is declined… All the shop I go

Is your card enabled in the app?

Yes it is… I can take cash but not pay with card

Try contact them via in-app chat. Do not forget to type live agent to pass RITA through.

You can contact them via Twitter too.

Have you gotten in touch with our in-app support team? If not, please send me a private message with the phone number on your account.

Yes I have but they say my card it’s OK… They will send another but it’s so difficult for me… I thought I had found an alternative solution to the credit card. I’m go to chase bank to take cash money and my account is ever charging for 3 or 6 $ tax :frowning:

Is this via contactless or chip-and-pin?

My understanding is that cards need to be activated with a chip-and-pin transaction first, before contactless functionality is enabled.

I make transactions cash to chase with pin and this is OK… But I can’t pay in shops or coffees