New here, unsuccessful deposit

Hello community,

Just created a Revolut account from Belgium.
I wanted transferring from my local bank account, but I had to verify first. Ok, so how can I upload pictures already on the phone ? (so not using the camera).

Then I tried to transfer from my Mastercard, but it was refused without any message indicating the reason (number, date, ccv, name, etc, all is ok).

In brief, I can’t be started.

Thanks for your help.

EDIT: tried the in-app assistance, it’s a machine. Not really helpful. I should wait about an hour to reach a real person.

Hey @SteelStone :slight_smile:

When you’re uploading documents, you should be given the option to select it from the gallery :frowning:

Also, if this is your first time verifying, I believe you’re required to take it with the live camera and there’s no way to override it from the interface. You can try sending the documents on the in-app support chat while you’re waiting to see if they can accept them this way…