new eur UK iban - accepting payment via swift

I gave my new eur UK IBAN to someone in the US sending me dollars via SWIFt.
Is there any reason this won’t work? I keep reading something about “SEPA only”, but if I understand correctly swift works with sepa accounts?

Oh and, sender didn’t have any problems with the bank errors (like with the previous LT IBAN).

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To my understanding, this wouldn’t be supposed to work, as your IBAN refers to a EUR account, not a USD one. But maybe Revolut sytem is smart enough to make an automatic FX operation to convert the incoming USD.

Please keep us posted.

Normally banks will convert money sent in a different currency, but this IBAN is not for a bank account but a virtual one, and as revolut stated it is only for EUR SEPA transfers, so I really doubt a US swift transfer is going to work, or that even a SWIFT eur transfer would work either.

Did it work? Please keep us posted…

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No, there was some problem and sender got money back :confused: