New customer: poor experience


Just joined revolut and whilst the app is great the support behind it is pretty poor.

As a new customer I expected a welcome email showing me how to top up, order a card, validate myself etc. A link to the FAQ’s would have been nice too and a summary of fees and restrictions.

I received absolutely nothing.

I went on live chat at 6.25pm to ask a question and at 8pm it still hasn’t been acknowledged. I’m also a monzo user and their live chat is brilliant.

Some serious work needs to be done here in the customer journey and live chat needs to be live or changed into a messages system with an inbox and an eta on response times. A quick revamp of the page with top asked questions and even a newbie section would be useful.

Having chat as the first option will lead to a lot more queries which you are obviously struggling with. Perhaps onboarding new staff would help in the interim whilst you sort this out.

Without some very quick changes this market leading product will quickly get a bad reputation and customers well leave.

Interested in your response on this

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Curious as to why you decided to go with Revolut.

The ability to move between currencies instantly so when the rate is high I can stack up, have a fairfx card too but rates aren’t as good as revolut. Still going to use monzo as my everyday card :slight_smile:

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Hello @Lifestoogood

Thank you for taking the time to provide your feedback.

Let us express our apologies for any negative experience you may have had using our services. We would like to clarify that we’re currently working on upgrading our services and expanding our support care. Part of this upgrade is our virtual assistant RITA, aims to help our users with FAQs and reduce the waiting time.

Once again, thank you for your feedback. We aim to develop the services you desire.

Andreas K.

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Hello for All
I am new Revolut Business user
I finished application, upgraded plan…and no answers more than 24h. It is more than little bit strange.
It seems this web site is only for collecting confidential information about users

Hey! Have have a dedicated team for Business accounts.

@Oleksii can help you.

I’m new and I can’t top up, it tells me £10 £50 exceeds my daily limit
Then won’t aceppt the code , and I can’t find how to ask a question, if this is just the beginning then it’s no use to me

Have you verified your account with an ID ?