New customer new account but no card arrived

Thanks Alessandro. When you say transaction can that mean withdrawing at an atm or do I have to physically buy something?

ATM should do the trick too AFAIK

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Same story here…
Plus after 2-3 try of reordering in the app (it was suggested in it), the original order disappeared.
And meanwhile the free delivery option also disappeared.

Sorry to hear that. My card did arrive a few days late but it did arrive. Given circumstances I imagine free delivery will be offered again

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Oh no really sorry to hear that. Did you contact our support?

It’s great to know, that here we (the customers) are heard!
Thanks, I received the card.
And I think it was the service of the local post who made the delay.
However the process coded into the app was strange.

  • The status of the ordered card disappeared.
  • The app said: order it again
  • There was no way to do it again
    (thanks for that, because the card was in its own way that time)

I’m having the same issue and paid the option for tracking I have received nothing no information nothing at all.

HI @AndreasK,
I am a new member of the community and have ordered a standard REVOLUT card.
I am from Bulgaria and in the app it war written that the card will arrive till 26 of July, every now and then I go to the post office but till now no card has arrived.
Please provide guidance what to do.

And also when I go to the Post office they are asking what do you expect and I said a small package - is that right ?

My card also has not arrived after a few months.

It’s happen the same thing with me :frowning:
in app say that my card was delivered But I didn’t receive any card in my address :confused:

Why are you not contacting :r: via in-app chat or social media (twitter/facebook)?
There is nothing we can do for you. I have ordered five cards over previous two years and all my cards arrived in time.

My metal card is also marked as delivered (France) on the 8th of September. Still waiting.

I also do not see the chat button in the app on the phone. Are they having problems or am I being stupid?

Go to your profile page (icon with your initials or your photo), then select logo with question mark on the upper left corner, scroll down to Chat with us and finally click “New chat”.

If you can’t start a new chat you have to contact :r: via social media (twitter or facebook - revolutapp).