New customer new account but no card arrived

I was promised my card would arrive today. Nothing and no contact. Have tried support but they are too busy. I’m not sure if this is going to be a good option. Anyone else had difficulties?

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Hi @Jmbpmr,

Your card delivery might have been delayed. I’d wait for 2-3 more days. If the card still hasn’t arrived, you can order a new one for free by telling us that the card hasn’t arrived in the Cards tab of the Revolut app.

Hope that helps!


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Thank you for your response. However it doesn’t bode well for the future. I was told I would receive an sms with details re tracking - nothing. I was told the card would arrive Friday - nothing. When I try to get support I am told I have to wait 2 hours. Then when I manage to get a live agent I’m told the card has been posted but they cannot give any further information. When I ask about the tracking I am told they will pass it up and maybe that is something for the future.

I have already waited 10 days and would like to get the card ASAP. I really don’t want to have to order another one and start the whole process again.



Hi Jennifer,

Please keep in mind that we rely on partners to deliver our Revolut cards and although we do everything we can to minimise the risk of losing a Revolut card during delivery, there’s always a small chance of this happening.

In the app you should be able to see your tracking number as well as open a link that allows you track the delivery status on the website of our delivery partner. You should be able to find this in the cards tab below the card you’ve ordered.


Thanks Val. I cannot find any tracking number at all. I do understand that you need to use partners. It was the inability to contact anyone that was irritating. And then when I went onto the forum this appears to be a common complaint. Anyhow I shall wait and see what happens next week. Thank you for your swift response.

Have you checked your email ?
Thats where i got my card tracking details …

Thanks Stan but no e mail and no SMS as per the original message.

I ordered my premium card on thursday,and it got delivered today …:slight_smile:
You better off to speak to support,to get new card maybe.
Best wishes :wink:

My guess is we are not talking about a premium account here, or are we?

I just got premium couple days ago,but standard card should arrive near same times,few days extra,depends which country ofcourse :slight_smile:

No Alessandro. Just opened an account, did the money transfer and been waiting 10 days for a card so I can start spending it. Won’t try premium until I can see how this works.

Thanks Ares. I shall wait and see if card arrives. Once I got hold of a live agent they told me the status is posted but I am now looking to track it

Take care :slight_smile:

Thats what I assumed. I’d give it a few more days. My card took about ten days as well. Postal services are not always a hundred percent accurate :wink:

Thanks Alessandro. Yep 10 days and waiting. To be honest it’s not the waiting. It’s the lack of support and tracking info. This community support works though :slight_smile:

With express delivery (or as part of the premium package) it would include tracking info but then it is additionally paid :). For me personally the lack of tracking was alright and the card arrived in-time. I would assume the same thing will happen in your case, maybe shipping is a bit slower. If you still havent received it by mid next week I’d probably contact support or @anon33247966.

I do agree about the “lack” of support though, that is IMHO still a major issue of Revolut and I hope they are working on it but its a topic for another thread I guess :slight_smile:

Hi there. Please note there’s no tracking number for standard deliveries. Your card should be with you either today or tomorrow. If not, please contact us again so that we arrange a new one.

Thanks very much Andreas. The message I received on joining advised me I would get an sms with tracking details. And that’s why I have been banging on about it. Hopefully the card will arrive soon.


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Thanks for help everyone. Card arrived woo woo


Make sure you fully activate it with a first transaction using the PIN and the chip and change the security settings to your liking but as secure as possible.

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