New currencies


I’ve seen there are new currencies, i’m in particular interested in SDG, HKD and AUD.
It seems that I cannot hold these currencies in the wallet (only eur, usd and gbp), can only top op.
And cant top up by card, only by banking transfer.
Is my understanding correct?
Thank you


Only once a bank transfer, (in one of the relevent currencies) then activates a holding account in the transferred currency of which Revolut supports. Your ‘currency account’ will show up next to the three main currencies you have already.


Thanks for the answer. I guess we are forced to do it this way for compliance reasons? Would have prefered a debit card top up but it’s ok, still very happy to have these new currencies.

So i tried to make transfers to the SGD and HKD accounts but it is rejected. Called my bank and they say either the SWIFT or the IBAN is rejected (and of course I checked it again and again) for both SGD and HKD. Anyone managed to make transfers to these accounts?


Alright, case closed after I found that on the forum:

The transfer now went through!


You have to add new currencies automatically to your wallet by either topping up in these currencies or simply by exchanging funds to these currencies on the app and they will automatically appear on your wallet. Try exchanging EUR, GBP or USD to SDG, HKD,and AUD and these will be created in your wallet


Oh wow indeed, worked. I feel stupid. Thanks lol.

Well now banking transfers on their way too.


That said I still cannot top up by debit/credit card in those currencies. Any reason?


Click on Top-up then choose by card and select Other from the currencies. Only those showing up are currently supported. The rest can be used only with wire transfer topups.


With Revolut. It is actually quite a simple sophistication. It is articulate in technique. Once you have navigated a path to topup, transfer, etc. Revolut is ‘simply sophisticated’. The new genius of banking for our generation… Bye bye high Street banks!


I’m excited to be able to hold additional currencies, just need card top up activated for them now, esp SGD and HKD. Bank transfer from these countries is just too expensive, transfered 10 SGD as mentioned above, well it costed me 50 SGD lol, glup!