New currencies ?


When are you planning to add Philippines peso (PHP) as currency? @AndreasK if u dont mind, could u pls let me know? Tnx a lot! :slight_smile:


Yes, we’re adding new currencies!

Why are you interested in this one?


I would love PHP because I’m traveling ofthen to Philippines :philippines:

Currently I have to use EUR and conversion all the time. That’s sad :cry:


I’ll make a vote for VND :slight_smile:


I hope HRK will be added soon…


Philippines is my fav destination :slight_smile: . I believe that lots of people would benefit from PHP as Philippines is as popular as Thailand :slight_smile: .


But it is supported as a currency, not as a base currency though.


Sorry, i meant as a base currency? Im aware that its not so simple to add currency, just like that. Do u know at least if it will be added as base currency or there are no plans for that?


I cannot provide an ETA on this :slight_smile:


Hehe… at least ive tried :slight_smile: . Tnx for your answers :slight_smile: .


No. Is not. I mean I can’t have an account in PHP like in SGD, THB, JPY or many other non EEA country currencies.

So al spendings are going from other accounts on exchange all the time

You have 14 non EEA account currencies and some of them quite useless (QAR, NZD) bit you don’t have PHP. :frowning:


I agree with you @Iskender… but i guess PHP is not important as other currencies. It would help a lot if there would be base currency for PHP. I guess we have to wait and see?


Base currency is just the one of your residency country.

But you can have multiple account currencies in many other non EEA ones. Including like Qatari rials which in my opinion are useless. (Because no one goes in Qatar to travel for a month or more) compared with PHP where people usually travel for at least 3 weeks and even half year.

Philippines is huuuuuge. I’ve been there for 4 months. Going back next month for 2.5 more :grimacing:


Me too, i was there 3 times so far. First time i was 3 months on holiday :slight_smile: . Awsome place :slight_smile: . Lucky u… u can go more often for such a long time :slight_smile: .


Workin online so I can go wherever I want as long as the weather is good and the visa is easy :joy:


I super wish that PHP is added as a base currency! My girlfriend is a Filipina and she sends money to her mother in Philippines every month spending so much on fees and charges!

All the Filipino community does exactly the same every month, so I trust that if PHP is available as base currency Revolut will gain more clients in no time!

Please please please do your best to add PHP as a base currency at your earliest :smiley:


It’s always fun in the Philippines ! PHP :PPPPP :slight_smile: .


Me tooo. Please can we have PHP as a base currency.

I think Revolut would get an extra 100,000 members overnight. !


That must be one popular currency in Europe :wink:


Well there are approx 2.2 million Filipino OSW (overseas workers) in the world right now. 6.6% are in Europe. That’s circa 145,000. Lets say 70% take up a Revolut account. That’s circa 100,000.

Word soon gets around, social media and the like. Agreed perhaps might be a little longer than overnight. Oh, did I mention the USA :wink:

Another interesting fact “money remitted to their families back home in the Philippines was the third highest, according to early estimates made by a multinational research center led by the World Bank Group.” (India, China, then Philippines)